Rockin’ Robin’s Tortilla Soup

We love this fast, authentic, easy-to-make soup (and Rockin’ Robin’s site), and this recipe is a staple in my leftover turkey recipe collection. When Ro came home this Christmas, guess what she requested for her first meal? Everyone else loves it too, so I always make a double batch. Click here for the link

My alterations include using my own homegrown sweet onion and going heavy on the garlic, both of which I fry along with leftover turkey (or chicken) bones. When I don’t have either on hand, which is often, I use frozen chicken necks. I substitute about 3c. of my own frozen, cored but unpeeled tomatoes for the canned tomatoes and skip pureeing anything. I consider the cooked chicken optional, usually adding a cup or so but far less than what’s called for (and I’m usually a voracious carnivore). For my double batch, I add 3 c. of our own frozen corn and 1/4 c. of my own salsa, adding 1-2 t. chipotle chili pepper powder. For the double batch, I use 2 T. of turkey or chicken Better than Bouillon and fill my pot with our good well water and cook down to taste before adding the corn and meat. I also use sea salt to taste, along with the Worcestershire sauce, which I usually triple (or more).

I have two salsa recipes, one vinegar-based like Pace’s and one cumin-based like Mexican Village’s. I’ve tried them both in this soup with good results. I’ve been skipping the sour cream and cheese toppings without missing them, appreciating the reduced calories, but Ro specially requests the sour cream and lots of the tortilla strips, which I deep-fry. Any way you choose, this soup is hard to beat anytime of year!