Reclaiming Biblical Marriage: 1 Man 1 Woman 4 Life

The world can and often does define marriage any way it wants. The Bible defines biblical marriage, but the church has largely adopted the world’s definition, leading to chaos and heartbreak within the church as well. Marriage was established by God and introduced in the first book of the Bible. It is a unique relationship, … Continue reading Reclaiming Biblical Marriage: 1 Man 1 Woman 4 Life

Psalm 119’s Surprising Side Effects

In time of trouble I often turn to the 40s chapters of Isaiah or the Book of Psalms. After a particularly trying season, I found myself on a memorizing roll. Beginning with Psalm 104, I skipped only David’s imprecatory rant in 109 and just kept going—until I hit Psalm 119. Screeching halt. No way! Reading … Continue reading Psalm 119’s Surprising Side Effects

First Things

One Sunday we actually made it to church early, and an elderly saint asked how homeschooling was going. I admitted that some days we didn’t seem to accomplish a thing. “Did you read them the Bible?” she asked. “Yes.” “Then you did accomplish something.” The truth of her words resonated, strengthening with time. At first … Continue reading First Things