Social Media After All?

With two of our daughters at college and only one left to homeschool, I have a bit more time. I don’t want to cheat our youngest out of the childhood our oldest ones now extol, but I still love to write, so I decided to revise the manuscript our eldest daughter, Ro, asks to hear every time she comes home. It’s called St. Mom’s Box of Secrets, a Christian romance like those I used to write for Multnomah, except this one features a homeschooling family a lot like ours. It takes three days to read aloud, and sometimes I question investing so much for an audience of one, but she’s my daughter. Besides, while she listens, she deep cleans the house.

I settled down for exactly one cozy wintry morning of revising when contacted about a writing opportunity. Since hearing the details alone required a two-hour commitment, I decided to ask my husband’s advice as a fleece. Family life has taught me that babies cannot be relied upon to perform on command, even when it only entails their usual behavior. On the other end of the spectrum, I rarely assume how my husband will respond, even after thirty years of marriage.

Long story short: he said yes. While I loved the writing this new venture demanded, I was tentative about entering the arena of social media. And when I say arena, I do think of the Coliseum and how Christians of old fared. In this age of rage, there is a correlation.

Up ’til now, I’ve avoided Facebook, Twitter, etc., though I use Messenger to contact our girls and others when necessary, since most people seem to prefer this mode of casual contact. It is nice to see our daughters’ faces while we talk, and I’ve been known to touch the screen.

Publishing has changed a lot in the two decades since I was involved. So have I. Through God’s great grace, I’ve shed my youthful restlessness and become a content homebody. Every year just makes me more thankful to Him for our family and homeschooling. Probably because of that, my love for reading and writing nonfiction keeps increasing as well.

So here we go. My current mission is to write a blog per moth, with other additions. As a test flight, I first drafted one then outlines for 14 more–and had a blast. Putting up this site was less fun, but I don’t expect everything to be cake. I just want to do what I’m supposed to, and for now, this looks promising. I hope you join me on the journey.

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